There are different wallpaper for painting

Because fiberglass wallpapers can be cleaned easily and dirt can be removed, they are also waterproof. This material is anti-allergenic, meaning that mold and spores can’t settle on it. This wallpaper is strong and extremely tensile. This wallpaper can also be adhered to older walls with minor cracks. Fiberglass wallpaper also has fire resistance. This is why fiberglass wallpaper is often used in public spaces.

Talk to our experts and they’ll help you pick the right color for your space. A variety of color options are available, from pastel to vibrant. You can choose from a wide range of colors to suit any room in your house or apartment, including the bedroom. The strength of the color glasvezelbehang schilderen composition is the stability. It will not change under any circumstances. Our fiberglass paint doesn’t lose its saturation when it is exposed to moisture and does not fade in direct sunshine.

We can deliver any quantity of goods through our online shop. We collaborate with construction companies and companies that perform internal repair work on buildings – residential, administrative, and other.

People have always strived to give rooms and their ceilings a beautiful appearance. The vaults of caves were painted by people in the Stone Age. They also made tapestries in the Middle Ages. Walls were covered with expensive silk in the Baroque era. All of these technologies required the application or plot image. Plain walls couldn’t be. The Art Deco era was the first time that people began to reconsider their attitudes towards wall ornamentation and color. 1925 saw the Le Corbusier exhibition. This was the first time that the public had seen a white room. Bauhaus artists then proposed functionality as a new style approach for interior design. A symbol of this new approach to housing became bright, plain and light walls.

However, the first apartments to choose this were the most costly and luxurious. They had walls perfectly aligned and were painted with rich, vibrant colors. This was testimony to the owner’s taste and willingness make sacrifices for material and inconvenience. The best painters are able to prepare the walls for painting and smoothen them. This takes more time than simply wallpapering. But the end result is more than you could have hoped for.

This is the place to let your hair down and get straight to the point about cullet. This type of wallpaper is highly technological and is considered one the most effective materials for interior decoration. While fiberglass wallpaper was first used in Russia for office decoration, it is now popular in homes.

Recent Russian glass fiber market entry was made. It is a relatively recent material for wall decoration. This material has been used in Europe for around 50 years. This is due to the beauty of the designs, the flexibility of the colors, and the invincible durability of the glass. Fiberglass can withstand light and impact-sensitive floorings, such as rigid foam boards or drywall boards. Fiberglass surfaces are strong after glueing them. It can be screwed into and driven in nails.

Glass fiber is a decorative wall cover similar in structure and function to fiberglass fabric. The first material is special glass. Fibers are then pulled at 1200 degrees C. Next, yarn of various thicknesses and types is made. The material is then woven. For the production of glass walls, mineral environmentally friendly materials are used as raw materials. These include soda, lime, quartz, and dolomite.

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