CBD oil can also be added to food or drinks like juice to consume

CBD is easy to consume if you’ve never used it before. Pre-measured capsules make it easy to monitor dosage. Knowing the correct dosage is crucial and knowing what concentration you need makes it easy for you to choose what works best. Our 25mg SoftGel caplets are popular. Customers gradually increase their dosage by 25mg increments until they find the right dose. The process of integrating the capsules into your body can take as long as 45 minutes. They will then last for many hours.

CBD oil can also simply be taken in a tincture form. This is usually done by placing the CBD oil under your tongue for about a minute. It can be added to food or used in Delta 8 Gummies smoothies like our Recovery Protein blend. Why would you choose a Tincture? You can adjust your dosage by adding or subtracting a few drops. It might also work faster.

An edible, such as a chewable gummie, is the third option. These tiny, delicious morsels pack a strong CBD punch and come in many sizes and flavors. SoftGels and tinctures, as well as Gems, have a systemic effect which means that they affect your entire body. Creams might be better for tightening the back or dodgy knees. You can use CBD cream to help with muscle aches and pains. Topical applications have one advantage: they are fast and can target one area. The athletes love them for treating pain and injury.

A range of CBD products are available for topical use. Each CBD product comes with herbal and natural remedies in order to treat different types of joint and muscular pain. Are you suffering from a stak? Try our arnica remedy. You’re going out on a cold morning and need to prevent your knee pain from getting worse? We have a warming cream that will keep your knees warm.

You will notice that we offer two types of our products: Full Spectrum and Isolate. We believe that our bodies absorb things more easily in their natural state, as science supports. CBD is also a way to consume other terpenes or cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. This is what you will find in our Full Spectrum (or “whole plant”) product. THC-free THC isolate is safer than the CBD, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Although neither product is intended to get you high, we offer an alternative for all.

CBD stands to represent cannabidiol – a completely non-psychoactive and naturally occurring compound, which is unique to cannabis plants. It has become a very popular natural health supplement with few side effects compared to OTC medications. CBD oil can also be extracted from marijuana and hemp. Both plants are one species but have different growth patterns. Hemp contains very little of the psychoactive THC molecules found in marijuana.

This key difference is what allows CBD oils made of hemp plants to be sold legally. CBD oils made out of marijuana are not. CBD interacts with the Endocannabinoid System, an important network of the body that depends upon naturally produced cannabinoids like 2-AG and anandamide to maintain balance between different organ systems.

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